Solutions that solve critical
business challenges

We invest in solutions for our customers, providing advanced products and applications to help organizations be more competitive, have secure systems and respond faster to their client needs. By working closely with our customers, we understand their business needs and can develop the right solutions tailored to meet their goals.

Our dedicated Research & Innovation team of more than 125 technical engineers and experts have many applications and products in development and can quickly move an idea to commercialization, using Agile methods, custom tools, and creativity. Our experienced team uses technologies, such as blockchain and home-grown security and governance products that ensure enhanced data, application and infrastructure security with flexibility and dynamic methodology to validate proof of concepts and create solution widgets.

The following are some of the products that we are bringing to our customers.

Intelligent DevSecOps orchestration tool for governance, continuous monitoring / tracking and rapid deployments
Deploy with confidence

As organizations move away from “command and control” to “trust and verify” DevOps methodologies, executive management cannot view the actual risk state of their IT and application environment.

With Valholla™, you control automation, security and functional testing, over your operations; ensuring adherence to standards and reducing manually induced errors. As a result, you save costs, reduce valuable cycle time, mitigate risk, and accelerate incident responses. Government agencies, complex commercial enterprises, and regulated industries become efficient, protected and compliant when under the automated governance umbrella provided by Valholla.

Dash Alert

Dash Alert is a centralized security management system that modernizes Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) rules to authorization rules for managing enterprise-wide systems in real time.

It allows system administrators to provide various levels of access and permissions to enterprise-wide application modules, submodules and cross approval actions while providing immediate notifications of security breaches.