Our research labs provide the right environment for collaboration and delivery of innovative solutions
Research & Innovation

Our Research and Innovation (R&I) Labs are the outcome of our vision to be an IP led company delivering breakthrough solutions for our clients. Our success as a trusted partner and a thought leader helped our clients commercializing new business models with proven non-linear growth. We utilize an Innovation led approach to serve our clients to develop, deliver Smart service and to scale them faster.

Our R&I is purely customer driven and fully invested by Ventech for our customer’s end-to-end from an ideation to real-time working proof of concept using a 70:20:10 model. We invest 70% of investments for our customers (C) whom we already serve as their safe and trusted partner, 20% of investment are targeted towards providing solutions related to our customers (RC) and 10% of R&I investments for irrelevant to the customers (IRC) initiatives.

Our R&I investments exceed well over 50% of our profits. To date, we have over $10 Million invested for various initiatives to address our customer needs. A dedicated R&I team of 120+ free thinkers infused with innovation and backed our famous culture – People 1st and Servant Leadership are responsible for our continued success in R&I. Our R&I labs operate on Ventech’s I2C™ -Ideation to Commercialization framework, agile processes, and tools spanning across the entire lifecycle of innovation management to ideate, experiment, and prototype.

Ventech Ventures

Ventech Ventures advances the intellectual property (IP), venture and other investments for Ventech Solutions. Our team works with universities, Federal laboratories, and global research organizations to identify intellectual property that will drive new ventures and open innovation. With the backing of Ventech Solutions, our team works with innovators around the world on new ventures, licensing, and other investments.