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Infrastructure Engineering

Ventech Solutions’ infrastructure engineering services align with your enterprise business goals by providing reliable, stable, and robust IT infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure services help your teams be more efficient, have increased collaboration, and enhanced quality service while being cost-efficient.

Our wide spectrum of services includes:

  • Data center operations (migration, modernization, and consolidation)
  • Enterprise Network Operations Centers (NOC)
  • Security Operations Centers (SOC)
  • Cybersecurity
  • End-point engineering
Product Engineering

Ventech Solutions’ Research and Innovation (R&I) group builds solutions that leverage data science and product engineering. Our product engineering I2C (ideation to commercialization) framework is a validation platform that enables our customers to envisage the best outcomes, resulting in world-class products. Ventech Solutions’ product engineering services encompass:

  • Consulting
  • Assessment, analysis, design, deployment
  • Testing
Service Desk Engineering

Ventech Solutions manages the service desk for the largest healthcare provider, CMS, servicing more than 90,000 credential users. Providing remote and local support services to several Federal agencies, our multi-tier approach is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL V3) framework. That means we integrate front-end customer touch points (user-centric) and back-end operations (process-centric) to provide a swift triage and first-call resolutions.

Our U.S.-based service desk engineers are experienced, certified, and can:

  • Expertly deploy Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tools to monitor and manage day-to-day operations to deliver 360-degree service coverage.
  • Incorporate best-in-class quality methodologies to benchmark productivity and provide enhanced service delivery.

We are a ServiceNow partner, which allows us to:


  • Build, integrate, and implement solutions that extend the capabilities of your existing ServiceNow platform.
  • Set up a Center of Excellence for enterprise-level transformation, using the ServiceNow platform.
  • Assess current processes and manage large-scale implementations.
  • Develop application and integration, leveraging ITIL/ITSM best practices.
Unleash the power of the cloud for your enterprise systems
Cloud Transformation

Ventech Solutions’ cloud engineering services provide a holistic approach to enterprise-wide cloud transformation. We assist our customers with building their cloud strategy and choosing the best-fit model (public, private, or hybrid) and operating model (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) to meet their needs.

Our certified experts in cloud engineering work with our customers to transform even the most complex architecture, platforms, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud by:


  • Developing a strategy
  • Choosing the right architecture and approach
  • Evaluating cloud readiness
  • Optimizing applications
  • Devising cloud security strategies
  • Migrating and implementing a cloud platform
  • Maintaining governance for a cloud platform
Intelligent Automation

Business organizations and Federal agencies are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they deliver products and services to their customers and staying ahead of the curve is key. Intelligent Automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence with automation and allows natural language processing, robotics, machine learning, and other processes to be automated, creating more efficient and cost-effective.

Ventech Solutions’ IA experts leverage the power of technology tools, using state-of-the-art labs and infusing deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques to build IA solutions that accelerate your organization’s processes to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Provide cost-savings
  • Utilize employees for higher-yielding assignments
  • Improve overall quality

Our IA services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Solution ideation and design
  • Algorithm development and integration (Chat-bots, Internet of Things devices, and virtual agents)
Application Modernization

Most business-critical applications are running on legacy platforms, resulting in operations and maintenance constraints for IT leaders. The need to modernize is not just a technical need but also to help the organization remain agile, have improved system performance, and reduce costs.

Ventech Solutions understands that you have already invested a lot in your existing applications and processes, so we explore ways to reuse components, leverage automation tools, and infuse industry best practices to transform your systems to meet your next stage of IT needs.

We can change your legacy applications to be future investment-proof IT systems that deliver superior performance and cost savings. Our experience reflects our proven methodology in choosing the right modernization approach:

  • Package implementation
  • Reengineering
  • Re-hosting
  • Code upgrades

We can guide the entire modernization lifecycle from planning, strategizing, program management, deployment, to support.

Just in time deliveries, resulting in significant time and cost savings
Enterprise Procurement Services

Ventech Solutions’ enterprise procurement support services help your organization optimize procurement cycle times to ensure on-time deliveries. More efficiency means cost savings for your organization. We have experience with our proven strategic sourcing that helps our customers achieve a secure and responsive supply chain mechanism— for now, and in the future.

We manage over 65,000 SKU items with nearly 1,200 vendors for our enterprise customers and installed a vendor performance tracking system for purchasing departments that included the Green Hardware Program under the Go Green initiative.

Our team is an extension of  your procurement team and together, we can help you with:


  • Organization expenditure analysis
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Supplier and proven industry best practices implementation
  • Advanced analytics on market intelligence for data-driven decision making

Ventech Solutions brings expertise to help customers avoid the burdens of procurement infrastructure that are for non-strategic deliverables, allowing internal resources to focus on the key deliverables. We help customers:

  • improve spending coverage
  • reduce costs for goods and services
  • implement industry best practices
  • leverage the latest procurement technologies
  • streamline source-to-pay processes

People“As a leader at Ventech Solutions, it’s our job to take care of the employees, so employees can take care of our customers.”

Patrick Dalhan – Director