Security as a Service: Proven Solutions from Industry Leaders

Not all companies have access to full service IT security teams, which is why they turn to the experts at Ventech Solutions. We partner with our clients to provide support and the advanced protection that you need, from host and code scan analysis to dedicated audits for compliance. Working with your IT teams, we can ensure that your system release is compliant with Federal, DoD and state requirements and most importantly, keep your systems secure. Our engineers will help protect your website and source code, eliminating the worry about exposing your company and customers to cyber threats.

For nearly 20 years, Ventech Solutions has provided its clients with IT system solutions that are scalable. We can provide Security as a Service (SECaaS) to help your organization

  • Design and maintain a secured system
  • Deploy new systems and enhancements cost-effectively, and
  • Meet your project timeline

Our four levels of Ventech Solutions IT Security services are CISO-in-a-Pinch, Security on Demand, Personalized Cybersecurity Consultant, and Full Security Suite and include a wide range of services to help meet your security needs.

Ventech Solutions SECaaS
CISO-in-a-Pinch Securityon Demand Cybersecurity Consultant Full Security Suite
General Questions
Host and Code Scan Analysis
Vulnerability and Compliance Impact Analysis
Analyze Trending Data
Penetration Testing
Custom Reporting & Dashboarding *
Application Level Monitoring *
Log Correlation & Analysis*
Log Alerting/Triggering & Dashboards *
Application Development Repository Security *
Network-Based Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS) *
Web-Based Attack Prevention *
Advanced Email Protection *
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions *
Security Tool Alerting & Triggering *
Penetration Testing
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) *
Endpoint Protection*
PHI/PII Log Capture & Alerting *
Container Scans
Security Incident Response *
Technical Writing
Documentation Review
Review Process and Procedures
Contractor Onboarding
Ad-hoc and Automated Code/Applications
Host and Compliance Scans
Full-time IT Security Resources (ISSO, SA, & SPOC)
Annual Security Awareness Training
Product Research
Project consulting and Management
Role-based Security Training
Security Tool Demonstrations
Procurement Services
Professional Services Deployments
New Security Configuration
Continuous System Monitoring
Annual Audits (FISMA Compliance)
Remediate Compliance and Vulnerability Findings

* Utilizes customer furnished equipment

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