“Happy employees ensure happy customers”
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Our Culture

At Ventech Solutions, we believe that when our employees are happy and successful, the same enthusiasm goes into delivering services and solutions to our customers. We have a culture that encourages free thinking and believe in servant leadership where team success is more important than any one person’s success. Our “People First” philosophy forms the crux of Ventech Solutions’ culture and is embraced by every team member.

We take pride in our culture, which results in a razor-sharp focus on the mission to ensure highly-satisfied customers, constant innovation and a workplace that rewards good teamwork.

At Ventech Solutions, we believe discovery can occur anywhere, so we have places to be creative on your own or with some team members. Even our game room is lined with whiteboards just in case you need to write an idea in the middle of a game.

Game and Work Out Area

Our game room lets you take a stretch, have a change of scenery and clear your head to help inspire you for the next challenge. Whether you enjoy a game of pool, ping pong, a quiet space to reflect or a quick work out, you can find the time.

Celebrating Small and Big Wins

We believe providing our customers with a big solution or small idea is a win and that win also makes Ventech Solutions a success. And we know that success is not just from the top down or one person, it comes from a great team.

Work-Life Balance

We recognize the importance of balancing personal and family time with work, which is why we provide flexible work schedules, tools to work from anywhere and sponsor family events like luncheons at the zoo. Our corporate social responsibility includes support for several missions and community initiatives.

Incentive Stock Options

With our rich servant leadership culture, we believe that EVERY employee is a leader in the company. Our employees have exciting Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) based on their career position.

Glue Team

The Glue Team at Ventech Solutions ensures that our company moves forward day in and day out and that our team members and customers are always satisfied.

The Glue Team consists of our managers and front-facing employees who work with clients. Every Glue Team member practices our People First/Servant Leadership culture to enhance every team member’s experience. This experience is then carried forward to our employees who serve our clients and deliver the highest quality of services.


The Glue Team is responsible for sustaining our culture, ensuring our people exhibit the right attitude and have the best skillset.


The Glue Team is responsible for our people’s satisfaction, their “free thinking,” and our work and life balance


The Glue Team is responsible for customers’ thought leadership, the performance, and the growth of our contracts to the customers.

We're Hiring!

Our success is driven by our team, or Ventechians, a passionate and motivated group of dedicated employees that deliver intelligent solutions to our customers. We value workplace diversity and our people have varied backgrounds, expertise and competency that they bring to Ventech Solutions, providing a long-term strategic advantage for our customers.

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