Data Analytics: Make Accurate Decisions for Healthcare Quality Improvement

Ventech Solutions advanced analytics team leverages data to help our customers move up the information value chain by deriving actionable insights, developing reliable predictions, and increasing the transparency behind their data-supported decisions. We embed sophisticated methods into data platforms and IT systems that help our business partners make reliable predictions, automate high-volume administrative tasks, boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Our methods include:

Statistical Methods

  • Longitudinal Design and Analysis Strategies
  • Clustered Sampling Design and Analysis Strategies
  • Creative Design and Analysis Strategies for complex data with Spatial/Temporal Correlation Structures
  • Methods for Combining Data Sources with differing levels of spatial/temporal resolution and/or aggregation
  • General Biostatistical/Epidemiological Design and Analysis Methods
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Program Evaluation Methods
  • Validation Sampling and Designed Missingness
  • Analysis Methods for Missing Data
  • Integrated data-driven program/process evaluation and improvement methods
  • Generalized Mixed Model and Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis Methods
  • Big Data Applications

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning and Algorithm Development for Predictive Analytics
  • Image Analysis and Interpretation
    • Text and handwriting analytics
    • Medical Imaging Applications
    • Feature recognition in static images and real-time video feeds
  • Semantic and Cognitive Processing of Unstructured Text Data (Advanced Natural Language Processing)
  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications