Independent Verification and Validation

Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V)

"Are you building the system right?" AND "Are you building the right system?" are the two major questions that's answered for your corporate leadership through Ventech's IV & V offerings." Sheela Kunduru, Director IV & V, Ventech Solutions.

Ventech offers Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) services so our customer can obtain this critical information in an environment organizationally free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort. The process that we perform for our customers include:

  • Criticality Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Tracing
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Software Design Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Document Inspection
  • Test Witnessing
  • Test Planning, Execution and Reporting
  • Defect Investigation
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Training Evaluation
  • Metrics
  • Independent Assessments

Ventech's methodology has redefined IV & V in much the same way that advances in life-cycle processes have improved and standardized software and system engineering.

The current Ventech IV & V methodology derived from concepts and standards such as the process maturity framework developed by the SEI CMMI and IEEE for Software Verification and Validation.

Verfication and Validation

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