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Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)

Ventech's ADM services empowered our clients to adapt rapid technology advancement evolving their business processes. We have helped clients to focus on their core business leaving software application life cycle processes on to us. Be a strategic initiative, operations excellence needs or continuous enterprise needs, Ventech has the right people, process and experience.

Our innovative people and process combined together to develop the right solution with the right technology tailored to your environment, keeps you well ahead your competition. Also this is what we call QuAgiliti index 10/10.

The bottom line to our clients " We Strengthen your Strengths!

We engage our clients with the maximum client advantage model. We bring our local expertise with global presence. We offer our clients the following models of Application Development and Maintenance services.

Quick to Market Applications " Quick to Market is possible with Ventech's project delivery approach because of our decades of business matter expertise in several industries. We have helped clients on several mission critical and time critical projects with a delivery pattern of high QuAgiliti work products.

Custom Software Application Development " We are responsible to deliver your mission. We know the magic of productization of your ideas with a high affordability, adoptability and scalability in your life. After all, a software product company like us is always a safer choice to your enterprise when it comes end-to-end application development and maintenance.

3OTM Product Development " On-site / On-shore / Off-shore product development? Yes!. You can choose any combination in this, due to our own offshore R & D Global Delivery Center in India. This model serves our clients as a strategic value with economical option to keep their innovation continued and budgets controlled. We provide you maximum flexibility and benefit to work with your business needs. The bottom line to our clients " atleast 30% savings on their top line with a high QuAgiliti work product.

Our application development approach is 100% Process Driven " Ventech's CMMI Maturity Level 5 processes are designed to be tailored for your enterprise environment providing effective approach for a long and productive application life.

What's different about us? It's the real expectation with positive experience, for life.

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